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Along with our family, we’ve been in the donut industry for more than 25 years – learning how to masterfully create the best donuts and treating our customers like extended family.

Since venturing on our own in 2018, our vision was to create a highly energetic morning environment where people could eat delicious breakfast foods, check their emails from overnight, pour down a tasty latte and leave with a smile to charge the rest of their day.

That’s where Baked N' Denver was born.

Baked N' Denver opened in Denver in July 2020 – in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic – because the vision we had for our store, our customers and our team was too strong to be suppressed.

Along with the best donuts, we are committed to serving tasty sandwiches, bold coffees, delicious breakfast wraps, warm pastries and new confections we’re creating all the time.

Our goals are simple:

Be the best

Be the top donut shop in Denver and your go-to breakfast spot


Create amazing relationships with our customers and community

leave a great impression

Leave you with a memorable experience from the moment you walk in the door

Like our owner Juan says, “We want you to come in because you like our foods – but we want you to come back because you like us too!”

Come in & grab a bite - we look forward to serving you 🙂

Juan V Lopez, CEO & Owner

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Baked N' Denver

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